Spryg Brussels Real Estate Seminar - 02 February 2017

13 February 2017

The Spryg Brussels Real Estate Seminar welcomes no less than 100 decision-makers in the public and private real estate sector, such as closed-end investment companies, private and institutional investors, developers, financiers, owners and managers, planners, architects (interior designers), contractors, realtors and advisers, and representatives of central and communal authorities.

For the past few years, Filip Derijck, Managing Director at Knight Frank, has taken the role of moderator at this event. This year's edition focused on the question that eight speakers tried to answer: "Can we call Brussels a true Global City?". He opened the talk by presenting the Brussels market figures and the necessary assets in order to become a Global City.

Among the guest speakers, James Roberts, Chief Economist at Knight Frank, wanted to inform us about the Brexit and its impact on Brussels. He estimates that in the end some 50,000 jobs will be lost in London. James is often consulted by London companies wishing to relocate, but he points out that Brussels is rarely mentioned in these discussions. Unlike other European cities like Dublin and Paris, that have launched a real marketing campaign to convince British companies of their attractions. James gives us a hint. Unlike the image we have of London, the market is no longer dominated in recent years by the financial sector but by the TMT sector. These companies are concentrated around Saint-Pancras, the Eurostar station in London. And what city is on the other side of this pipe? Exactly! Brussels!

Brussels must therefore reinvent herself in order to regain its important place in the global capitals. To this end, a number of administrative and infrastructure issues must be addressed urgently.